iGRIP Universal iPad/Tablet imukuppi autoteline

EtusivuLahjaideoita matkailijalleiGRIP Universal iPad/Tablet imukuppi autoteline




For secure positioning in the vehicle
• Suitable for all Tablet PCs (Apple iPad, BB Playbook, etc.)
• Supports Tablets in CASES (protecting covers) or BUMPERS (edge guards)
• TABLET GRIP claw arm with integrated tension spring and locking mechanism
• Easy adaptation of the TABLET GRIP claw arm to the size of the tablet (120 – 220 mm (4,72 inches to 8,66 inches))
• EASY ONE-HAND OPERATION – Simple placement and removal of the device
• Crash Tested with lateral slats and integrated foam rubber pads – ensures a secure hold, eliminates any noise vibration and protects the tablet casing
• Claw arms with individually adjustable holding slats – All operational ports and functions free from obstruction
• Operation: Draw the TABLET GRIP claw arm up with the device, put it into the holder and lock the locking mechanism